3CX Hosting

3CX in the cloud, the SYSTM Voice Application Only Cloud.


3CX Hosting by SYSTM brings you a new choice in cloud 3CX deployment. Our voice only cloud platform was built from the ground up for hosting voice applications only. Do you really want your important business communications fighting for resources with gaming servers and poorly secured websites being DDoS'd?

Simplicity was the driving force in the development of SYSTM's Hosting Platform. We built our platform from the ground up to make it simple for VAR's as well as end clients to deploy new 3CX cloud instances in minutes.

Availability is at the core of the SYSTM Hosting platform. With our best of breed cloud technologies, your customers will benefit from the highly available, fault tolerant, always on SYSTM platform for hosted 3CX instances.

Security is an essential and often overlooked component, but not with SYSTM! We have baked in an easy to use firewall solution as well as a powerful, but completely transparent filtering service that you will not find outside of SYSTM.

We are proud to to provide a better environment to host cloud based 3CX! At SYSTM, our sole focus is simplifying the complex task of delivering carrier class cloud hosting, in an environment that is optimized and secured for voice applications.